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Asset Recovery Interagency Network - Asia Pacific (Arin-AP)

1. Overview:

ARIN-AP is to exchange information on individuals, companies, and assets at the international level with the intention of facilitating the pursuit and recovery of proceeds of unlawful activities. Through this informal international network of practitioners and experts, requests for transnational cooperation will be channeled to relevant domestic agencies directly, leading to more expeditious asset recovery.

2. Background:

In this globalizing world, transnational organized crime and the crimes of corruption and money laundering repeatedly cross borders. In the awareness of such fact, the significance of an integrated approach in information sharing to combat such offenses has been constantly emphasized in international settings including the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG), and the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP). As for other continents going one step ahead, CARIN (Camden Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network) has already been established for Europe, ARINSA (Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern Africa) for Southern Africa, and RRAG (Red de Recuperacion de Activos de GAFISUD) for South America. Seeing the urgent need for an effective mechanism for the Asia/Pacific region, the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (SPO) of Korea, with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), proposes a plan to launch the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Asia/Pacific (ARIN-AP). Modeled after CARIN, ARIN-AP will serve as an informal network of contacts and a cooperative group in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime in the Asia/Pacific region.

3. Mission

The aim of ARIN-AP is to increase the effectiveness of members’ efforts in depriving criminals of their illicit profits on a multi-agency basis by establishing itself as the center of professionals’ network in tackling the proceeds of crime.

4. Objectives

  • Focus on the proceeds of all crimes, within the framework of international obligations.
  • Establish itself as the center of expertise in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime.
  • Promote the exchange of information and best practice.
  • Establish a network of contact points.
  • Form a solid international network with other related organizations such as UNODC and CARIN.
  • Research and develop practices and systems of asset recovery.
  • Facilitate and promote training in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime.
  • Act as an advisory group to other appropriate authorities.
  • Cooperate with the private sector in achieving its aims.

5. More info: